The Ballad of Arsenal's Season Part 1

The 2019-2020 football season has been a disappointing one for Arsenal Football Club. With 24 league games played exactly half have been drawn, with six victories and six defeats. But Arsenal fans are encouraged that new manager Mikel Arteta may be getting a grip on the players, and better times may be on the way. The team showed spirit in snatching a draw from the jaws of defeat in the twenty-fourth game, which inspired me to write this poem!

The season of nineteen to twenty
Has seen Gunners’ moans a-plenty.
“The football’s a bore,
There’s draw after draw,
And the trophy cabinet’s empty.”

We started the season with Unai,
Who raised up our hopes so sky-high.
He brought in some new names,
We won the first two games
And he made us think that we could fly.

But then it all started to slide,
Were the players just there for the ride?
If we managed to score
It’d still be a draw,
Have these players not got any pride?

Unai left and they then gave us Freddie
Who just didn’t seem to be ready
To fire up the team
To a point they could win;
The defence just still wasn’t steady.

So Arteta took over the reins,
And suddenly there seemed to be gains.
We won against Man U
And won in the Cup, too;
Might there just be an end to the pains?

Then the challenge of Chelsea away –
Too rarely an enjoyable day.
All seemed to be lost
As we counted the cost
As Luiz was sent on his way.

But suddenly the players showed fight!
And the tackles began to have bite.
A great goal, Martinelli!
(I watched on the telly)
And better days may be in sight!

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