Abstract Architecture

Sometimes we have a completely different perspective on the world around us when we look at it from an unusual angle or isolate an item from its surroundings...

The modern part of the Reichstag in
Berlin produces some wonderfully
abstract photographs

The colourful façade of the Russian TV Channel 1
building at Ostankino disguises the dreadful
propaganda which the channel churns out day after day

Whilst for many years Bush House in London
 broadcast radio programmes of the highest
quality and integrity

Look up! Ceilings can make wonderful
photographs on their own. This is
inside the Winter Palace in St Petersburg

This extraordinary dome is above the chamber of the
Romanian Parliament in the enormous and bizarre palace built by the dictator Nicolae 
Ceaușescu in Bucharest

Simple but beautifully-made ceiling in
the cloister of Salisbury Cathedral

Reflections galore in the Reichstag, Berlin

When it was constructed in the 1930s
the roof of Tempelhof Airport in Berlin
was the longest cantilevered structure
in the World. At more than 1km it's
still impressive

Wonderfully abstract designs on buildings in North
Greenwich near the O2, London

Istanbul? Samarkand? No, this
is in the City of London

In Moscow they have reconstructed the palace of
Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, father of Peter the Great

Church ceilings can be magnificent.
The roof can be impressive, too.

Most visitors to The Shard, London's tallest building,
look down. Looking up can be interesting, too!

And cleaning the windows of The Shard is a
never-ending task...

Another fantastic façade at North Greenwich

In the palace in Bucharest, Ceaușescu went in
for chandeliers in a big way

In Southwark, London, not far from The Shard,
someone decided to brighten up the space
underneath a bridge...

Possibly the tallest German flag
in the World, in the Reichstag
Building in Berlin

A curious (and repetitive) message on a building in
Vancouver, Canada

Satellite dishes, Moscow. So why do so
many Russians just watch the
propaganda the Kremlin puts out?

Room with a (sea) view. Lyme Regis, Dorset

Canary Wharf, London

The Essence of North Greenwich...

...where even the bus-stops are smart...

...and the architecture ultra-modern...

...rather like this building
in Barcelona

In London, climb the Monument, commemorating the
Great Fire of 1666; and look down

You can do something similar in the
Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth. And
see your own feet

Inside The Reichstag Building, Berlin

The old and the new. The splendid ceiling
in the restored theatre in North London's
Alexandra Palace...

...which provides an interesting contrast with the
ceiling of the check-in hall of Berlin's
Tempelhof Airport, with its ghosts of the past

Reflections in the City of London

There's more of interest and curiousity to see in Salisbury Cathedral than just the famous spire,
if you know where to look

There are domes and spires on
the restored palace of Tsar Alexei
in Moscow

Looking up in The Reichstag Building

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