Sometimes, we need to look at life  - and everything around us - from a different angle...

Life just seems to rush by...
London, 2013

Is it art?
Or just a load of rubbish?
Devon, 2017

Just a lot of corks? Or...

...Freddie Mercury's right eye?
Salzburg, 2014

Girls' Night In
Milan, 2011

Remember, remember the 5th of November
London, 2014

Salzburg, 2014

Devon, 2017

Devon, 2017

So how did the yellow one offend the others?
Devon, 2017

Who left this?
London, 2012

His and hers
London, 2011

Bulls in a china shop
Salzburg, 2014

At Birmingham University,
even the lampposts make
the students think
Birmingham, 2011

Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Hampton Court, 2017

Seagull on Millennium Bridge
London, 2011

Remains of a Nazi Eagle
Munich, 2014

Holly berry. Just the one.
Birmingham, 2011

Mysterious shadow
London, 2018

Keep remembering the 5th of November
London, 2014

The smallest Library in England? It's

A telephone box! Well done to the
people of Portesham in Dorset,
for retaining a piece of the Village's
History and retaining it as
something useful for everybody!
Portesham, Dorset
June 2019

Ah, what we want people to do on social media...
Salzburg, 2014

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