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Beinn Bhan, reflected in the loch. Glen Coe, Scotland, 2015

Russian artists use the verb "to write" to describe how they create pictures. So I decided to include on this site examples of photographs which I've "written" with my camera. After all, a picture tells a thousand words.

I realised a long time ago that whilst History repeats itself - mankind is very good at not learning from the past and making the same mistakes over and over again - for the photographer Every Moment Is Unique. Two photographs taken seconds apart may look identical, but there will always be some small difference. Capturing those moments is part of the joy of photography.

The images in these galleries are divided by subject matter, starting with my favourite subject: People. These are natural pictures, mostly taken while the subject was not aware they were being photographed. I believe that many of the better pictures of people are taken when the subject doesn't know that they are being photographed.

There are plenty more categories to come. As I publish more, I'll be letting people know via my Instagram account - photos.sdl. Do check it out; or just keep coming back here!

SD, June 2019

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